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Rob Kirkham asked:
"Aren't there two other obvious problems - or is it the angle of the
photos that's throwing me off? I.e. the height of the doors - they
seem short; and the upper door track is not at the top of the car
side? Is this correct, as it doesn't match the photos I have? I'm
hoping the door and track are add on parts...."

I agree. The two John C. LaRue collection photos in my TKM article
clearly shows the upper door track up against the rivet strip along
the top of the sides. There shouldn't be a gap.

The door is a separate part; unfortunately, the track is not, so
we'll have to deal with a scar if it's removed. The good news is
that in a happy coincidence, Al Westerfield has tooled doors that
will work in his #3356 and #3357 modernized PRR Class X26 kits. The
two rebuilding programs happened concurrently; 1/2 doors salvaged
from the X28 automobile cars were recycled by welding them together
to cover 6 ft door openings, and were used on both X26 and X28A.
The oft-republished R. L. Pitts photo of PRR 123456 shows a
variation of this with a riveted splice plate.

Still, I guess it still beats hacking apart two Red Caboose kits or
paying $75+ for a Sunshine kit.

Ben Hom

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