F&C X28A

Rob Kirkham <rdkirkham@...>

Ben Hom writes:
Still, I guess it still beats hacking apart two Red Caboose kits or
paying $75+ for a Sunshine kit.
Thanks for confirming my fears Ben.

I agree re: the Red Caboose kits. Since the RC car won't give one the correct panel spacing either, this isn't an option unless price is no issue and you go for the Sunshine kit. Personally, I am thinking about removing panels from the F&C kit and trying to insert my own. Won't know if that has any hope of looking good until I have a kit in hand.

As to the Westerfield doors - that is really great news. Thanks for passing along that info! I want the Creco style spliced door for my model of PRR123353 in 1946.

Rob Kirkham

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