Re: steel mills in the steam era/ justifying gons from far away

David Smith <dsmith@...>

Does anyone know all of the steel producing mills in the steam era?
Pittsburgh, Gary, Birmingham, Bethlehem PA, Cleveland, Buffalo ......
What were the others? <<

> I have a bunch of books and documents published by the steel industry
others on this subject. There were so many steel-makers you wouldn't
believe. If you have specific questions, ask them. There is too much
to list it all. <

Absolutely. There were many small mills scattered around. There were
probably dozens in PA alone. There were also a number of blast furnaces
that were not associated with steel mills and produced only pig iron. I
know there were blast furnaces in Port Henry, Standish, and Troy, New
York on the D&H, and I have found post cards of a mill in Charlotte, NY
(outskirts of Rochester). I believe that quite a few of these small
furnaces were only marginally profitable in the best of times and closed
during the Great Depression.

Dave Smith

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