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Elden,Maybe I missed something,but IMHO there are too many variables
when selecting cars for one's layout.The location is important as are the
connecting roads.The season will have some influence on traffic
patterns.That said,there are other things one should consider if you are
just using national percentages.There are others out there who have a better
handle on the subject than I do.Just thought I would add a little grist to
the mill.Armand Premo

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Hi folks;

I did a little addition over the weekend, to see if I could figure out the
actual numbers and percentages of certain box car types we all find
interesting. I used many of the sources you all have developed. I thought
you might find the results of interest. I would imagine many of us might
have over-, or under-representation of one or more of these car types on our

ARA '32 - 14,180

AAR '37 - 89,578

Modified AAR '37 (5/5 Dread Ends) - 43,565

AAR '44 10'4"-10'6" (w/4/4 IDEs) - 73,397

PS-1 40' - 75,070

PS-1 50' - 20,332

For my time period, this works out to approx. 2.3, 14.8, 7.2, 12.1, 12.4,
3.4% of the entire fleet of U.S. boxcars in service (approx. 607,000 in my
timeframe), or approx. 52% of the total (retirements of these types were <1%
by my timeframe).

What other important box car types, both numerically and in terms of other
significance, are missing from this list?

I am looking forward to a healthy debate!


Elden Gatwood

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