Re: Numbers/percentages of important box car types

Bruce Smith

On Mon, June 12, 2006 6:56 pm, armand wrote:
Bruce ,when you have examined as many switchlists as I have you might
think differently.Review my statement if you will.I am prepared to
my statement for the road I model.
Please do. I would love to see the numbers that you have.

National statistics do not apply for the
short period we model.We are not talking about real railroads, but model
railroads.There is no way we could have 10,000 box cars.There are not many
modelers who own three hundred cars.If we were to apply national averages
to our own railroads the mix would be different if we modeled a west coast
road as opposed to a deep south or midwest railroad.
I'm planning on 500 freight cars. I've designed a fleet of approximately
150 boxcars that fairly closely mimics the national averages for road
names (with the exception of the home road PRR, which is higher of
course). In many cases, such as with the B&O and NYC, I have been able to
look at their fleet numbers and design the components so that they not
only agree with the national average for that road, but are subdivided
correctly with respect to car types within a given fleet. The fun thing
about that is that it shows you things like the percentage of B&O
wagontops was really pretty low - two will do it for me. But I need a
number of other B&O boxcars.

There is no question that I
own more NYC and PRR cars than UP or SP because that is what the
show over a several year period.
Um, that's not a great example, since as Tim pointed out, that's in
agreement with the national average <G>. In addition, you may not have
fully considered the bias of switch lists which do not represent the
population on-line but rather the population being switched by the local
or yard crews. While a switch list might be accurate for the terminus of
a branch line served only by that local, the switch lists for Columbia PA
would be a gross misrepresentation of the cars that passed that point on
the PRR and Reading.

Bruce Smith
Auburn AL

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