Re: Seaboard steam era stock cars/Pratt truss stock cars

Andy Carlson

It was late into our covered era (1958), but Great Northern converted Pratt trussed 40' boxcars into stockcars which were distinctive in their reuse of Youngstown doors after cutting oval slots for ventillation.
-Andy Carlson
Ojai CA

Tim Gilbert <tgilbert@...> wrote: Ed Mines asked:

Anyone see a photo or drawing of one of these rare cars? What do they
look like?

The dimensions in the equipment registers are near identical to the
classic single sheathed Pratt truss SAL box cars.

Did any railroads have Pratt trussed stock cars besides PM or the old
Ulrich model?

In 1944, the B&M converted 15 of its #72000 series Pratt Truss boxcars
constructed in 1930 to be stock cars. These stockcars were renumbered
into the #57500-57514 series, and were reconverted back to boxcars in

The extent of the 1944 conversion was to replace the solid wood
sheathing on the side with slats so the livestock could get a breath of
"fresh air." The #27500 series' trucks, steel side trusses, ends, roofs,
and underframe were the same as they were before the conversion.

Tim Gilbert

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