Re: Numbers/percentages of important box car types

Bruce Smith

On Jun 13, 2006, at 11:19 AM, Mike Brock wrote:
Thus, we find some RRs with major connections to the UP's Wyoming/ Nebraska
trunk line to have a significantly higher number of box cars present in UP
trains than that of the national fleet.
It seems clear from the 1949 Fraley data that box car populations of SP,
C&NW, and CB&Q on the UP between Laramie and Green River, WY do not follow
the national percentages during the spring of 1949. Period.
Mike, Mike, Mike...

What we find is these numbers in the trains that Fraley recorded. Wasn't Fraley working the extra board at this point? So while he might have gotten some "regular" trains as a substitute, he more than likely did not get a uniform sample. Since he did not record every train the sampling is flawed and cannot be used to make generalizations.

I don't, however,
suggest running 2 SP GS gons, Armand. Don't want to push the issue you
I don't know - I plan to have on UP gon on the line since I bought it before I had to pay royalties on it.


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