Walthers Gon with Bulk Containers

John Thompson

I'm just a part-time lurker on this list, so I apologize if you've
covered this a couple of years ago. I finally got around to buying a
set of 12 bulk containers to fill up a Walthers USRA 46' steel
gondola (the gon and loads are all lettered D&H, and I don't know if
those are correct schemes, but I'd like to know which schemes are

While the containers almost completely fill the width of the car,
they leave about 2 scale feet of empty space along the length. What
should be done in terms of spacers to fill the empty space? Where
should the spacers be located -- on the ends, in the middle, between
each set of containers, or what? And what should the spacers look

Also, would the road names of the containers and the gon normally
match, and if not, would all the container road names normally match
each other or not?

Any answers or references to old discussions would be welcome.

John Thompson (modeling 1947-56)
Bellevue (Seattle) WA

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