Re: Seaboard steam era stock cars/Pratt truss stock cars


SAL's class S-1 stock cars, numbered 7900-7949 then 6900-6949 then
3020-3054 (50 cars, two renumberings), were rebuilt from class B-3
Pratt truss boxcars, hence the dimensional similarity. :-) There's a
photo of SAL 3043 in Lines South 4th/04, p 26, accompanying John
Golden's article on SAL's composite boxcars and rebuilds from them.
SAL 3033, shown on the back cover of the same issue, was an oddball
rebuilt from a B-*5* box.

Al Brown, Melbourne, Fla.

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Anyone see a photo or drawing of one of these rare cars? What do
look like?

The dimensions in the equipment registers are near identical to the
classic single sheathed Pratt truss SAL box cars.

Did any railroads have Pratt trussed stock cars besides PM or the
Ulrich model?


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