Re: Resinator's Flash for IC modelers and connecting railroads

Bill Darnaby

I have hesitated to mention the new IC hopper because I didn't know if I
should. Now that Bill Welch has made it known I feel free to talk about it.
Martin sent me a test kit and I finished it to fact, I painted it tonight. It is indeed a
fine kit. The ends and sides are cast as one. Same for the slope sheets
and hoppers. All of these were cast in such a way that there is full detail
on both sides of every surface and the car sides have a nice offset. The slope
sheets and hopper assembly fits very nicely into the body with minimal
fitting. The centersill was cast with scale draft gear forcing the use
scale couplers. I have recommeded to Martin that an optional centersill assembly with the NMRA coupler box be
included. Now before some of you jump on me about that I did assemble the model with Sergent couplers and, while they look very nice, I suspect that the curves and turnouts of the typical model railroad may make some modelers wish they had the larger box with the larger side to side play and auto centering. Anyway...the kit was not in its complete form and I did have to rely on my parts supply to finish it off. In that regard I also recommended that all of the possible handbrakes and door locks be provided. See RPCyc's 1 and 9. Bill was correct when he said the finished model would rival the Kadee car.

Bill Darnaby

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I received in the mail yesterday test shots of a fall release from
Sunshine. The model in question is the standard Illinois Central two
bay offset twin hopper. It is amazing to me how far resin casters have
been able to push the technology. There is detail on the inside and the
inside also replicates the offset design. The two major pieces are the
hopper bays and the body, which is a one-piece casting.

I will be researching to see if I can use the castings to create a
similar car owned by the NC&StL built by Pullman in 1929.

This will stack very nicely next to a Kadee example in terms of detail.

Bill Welch

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