Re: Walthers Gon with Bulk Containers

John Thompson

Thanks to Al Westerfield for the info about the spacers between the
containers. I tried to reply yesterday, but I don't see my reply in
the archives.

Were the spacers only a few inches high from the floor?

Were all the containers in a given gon lettered for the same
roadname, and if so, was the gon also lettered for the same roadname?

Were the gons always full of containers, or sometimes only partly

Thanks again,
John Thompson

--- In STMFC@..., "Westerfield" <westerfield@...> wrote:

John - Spacers were fixed to the floor so that the containers did
not rest upon one another. These were only a couple of inches wide
so they can't be modeled in HO. But you can model the spacers at the
ends with styrene strip. The containers did come up short of the

Walthers put correct lettering on many of their container sets but
the USRA mill gon did not carry any of the modeled containers. It's
a shame because the R&D manager attended my clinic on the subject and
took a handout which detailed all of the combinations of containers
and cars. - Al

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