Re: Walthers Gon with Bulk Containers

John Thompson

Thanks again to Al Westerfield for more info on bulk containers!

John Thompson

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John - The spacers were just stock lumber bolted to the floor.
There were specific patterns depending on the car because of capacity
limitations. Some cars limited the number of containers by placing
spacers so that only one container could be placed at some locations
rather than two. Coke containers were another kettle of carbon
altogether. These were stacked shoulder to shoulder without spacers
and often not even completely upright because weight was not a
problem. Bulk cement containers were almost always used in captive
service so it would be unlikely to see mixed reporting marks. As
this style were also used for carrying specific minerals they could
not be assigned elsewhere without contamination. Coke containers
could be mixed.

Cars were not always full, especially if making deliveries to
several small plants from a single car. Attempts were made in such
cases to balance the load. Also, cars of relatively low capacity
were blocked so that it couldn't be loaded completely. In such cases
the load was centered over the trucks. - Al

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