Dashes in Car Classes (was Re: N&W G1 photos)

Jeff Coleman

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Frank Greene wrote:
"And a question: Is it "G-1", or "G1"? The N&W stenciled 99984 and
noted the archive images "G1", which I presume is correct. If SPF's
can be finicky about the use of "-", so should N&W fans."

In the case of this car class, looks like "G1" to me. However,
consider that subsequent car classes are catalogued and show the
dash in the car class. I suspect that in this case, the shop
carried over previous practice from the two letter classes,
i.e.; "GU".

Ben Hom
Yes, G1 is correct for N&W. But looking at the photos I did notice the
the N&W 90999 was equiped with an Ajax Hand Brake and the N&W 99980
equiped with an Equipco.
Jeff Coleman

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