Re: Santa Fe Ft-N lettering question

charles slater

The "LENGTH BETWEEN BULKHEADS" goes on the top board of the bulkhead, "FASTEN DIAGONAL BRACING RODS BEFORE MOVING CAR" goes just below it. The larger size "RETURN TO WHEN EMPTY" can be placed most anywhere on the bulkhead as this location varied between cars. The small size "RETURN TO WHEN EMPTY" goes on the car side sill, usually just to the right of the splice plate.
Charlie Slater
Bakersfield, Ca.

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Subject: [STMFC] Santa Fe Ft-N lettering question
Date: Wed, 21 Jun 2006 00:38:02 -0000

Hi group. Just finished my Sunshine Models kit 66.3 and have a
question concerning inner face lettering on the bulkheads. I figured
out the return to and 48'6" between faces but where does the bulkhead
height, replace diagonal bracing, etc. stenciling go ? - - - Thanks,
Dwight Wedel.

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