AAR SH Horse Car question

Tom Gloger

Less than 24 hours after posting a question to the LCL group about how
a horse purchased in a distant city would be moved by rail, I came
across two factoids that may provide a clue.

One is the existance of an AAR designation, SH, for stock cars
configured for the shipment of horses. This is as opposed to AAR
designation BH, a baggage-type car configured for the shipment of

The other was a short snipet from the movie "Hidaldo," showing Frank
T. Hopkins's horse being loaded into what looked like a standard stock
car, followed by an interior shot showing stalls along one side of the
car and a passageway along the other side to give access to all the

My question is how, if at all, did SH cars differ in outward
appearance from SM cars? Were the sides slatted like a "cattle car?"
Was the general interior layout depicted in the movie in line with
actual practice?

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