Southern 11 rib low side gons from SRHS

lnbill <bwelch@...>

I received one of Southern low side gons from the SRHA yesterday. This
is first close-up examination I have been able to make of a model done
by "rapid prototyping." The results are very nice overall. I did think
the Dreadnaught end ribs looked a little off, maybe slightly too blunt
where they terminate. The top cords of the ends and sides look a little
thick or heavy also. The "Tichy" sill steps are not correct either, as
they have a slight angle whereas the bottom corner should be at a true
right angle.

There are two pieces of resin and the weight goes into a cavity between
the underframe and body. This a great starter kit for someone new to
resin. The price is high for such a basic kit, but I am sure this is a
result of the rapid prototyping technology.

Who would have thought we would have both versions of the Southern's
low side gon from two different sources in the same year? I will pick
up the nine rib version in Philadelphia.

Bill Welch

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