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Denny Anspach <danspach@...>

In my collection of "old things", I have a very neatly proportioned, neatly detailed, and neatly built yellow/oxide wood-model, wood-prototype house car from the 1950's, North American Despatch NADX 6002- assigned to Pacific Egg Producers. The sides are so-so monotone silk screened, and insofar as I can actually read the building date, it looks like 2/27 or -9. The flush doors have two hinges only, and the roof is radial, with definite eaves all around. Although it otherwise looks like a reefer, there are in fact no ice hatches. There are instead neatly modeled lateral running boards with single longitudinal (vs. angled) grabs. The hand brake is horizontal, and there is an AB brake system.

As a model, it has many characteristics typical of Silver Streak. However, the radial roof and the fabricated wood underframe gives it away. The original early Kadee couplers belie the model's '50s origins. The trucks are early sprung MDC (not bad).

I have been guessing that this model is a Suydam product, but do not know for sure.

What might anyone know of the prototype? Mather? Were eggs shipped in ventilated, insulated, but not refrigerated cars?


Denny S. Anspach, MD

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