Re: Mystery car

Tony Thompson

Denny Anspach wrote:
In my collection of "old things", I have a very neatly proportioned,
neatly detailed, and neatly built yellow/oxide wood-model,
wood-prototype house car from the 1950's, North American Despatch
NADX 6002- assigned to Pacific Egg Producers. The sides are so-so
monotone silk screened, and insofar as I can actually read the
building date, it looks like 2/27 or -9. The flush doors have two
hinges only, and the roof is radial, with definite eaves all around.
Although it otherwise looks like a reefer, there are in fact no ice
hatches. There are instead neatly modeled lateral running boards with
single longitudinal (vs. angled) grabs.
As Richard has already pointed out, the prototype cars definitely had ice hatches (and of course bunkers). There were a lot of egg cars in the 1920-1930 period, so this was not unusual; many also shipped dressed poultry, an obvious additional product.
Denny's assessment that this model combines reefer sides with some other car body strikes me as probably right.

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