Rebuilt(?) SFRD Reefers

T Larson <mhrreast@...>

I'm seeking information about SFRD reefers with plug doors as shown at SFRD 11194 class Rr48

I presume that they are rebuilt from swing door cars. Based on their diverse numbers I presume they are from several classes. I have scoured all my books, magazine articles, and on-line sources and have found no mention of them. Can anybody provide info or suggest on-line, book, or magazine references?
I'm interested knowing general information about these; when and why they were done, were the numbers changed, were the whole class modified....
Most importantly, I'm interested in knowing specific info, especially what was on the opposite side; text or map; what numbers received which train name, to enable accurate modeling. All the photos I cite above are for cars of 13'-4" height with fish-belly frame.

There are also similar cars of 14'-1" height with straight frame. SFRD 11461 (photo not on line)

Ted Larson

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