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Tim O'Connor <timoconnor@...>

At 11:36 PM 2/2/01 -0600, you wrote:
Tim - The containers are 9'2" wide. What rrs used the Greenville in this
service? Remember, I know nothing after 1930.... Some roads like Erie,
MILW and B&O have cars that look like them to my uninitiated eye. - Al
The Erie definitely owned Greenville gondolas, but the MILW and B&O did
not. The MP/IGN owned none either. I suppose they ran their Youngstown
containers in their 46' or various other gondolas. The SLSF did have the
Greenville design cars, but I don't know if they used the containers. The
NYC of course, and P&LE, owned scads of the Greenville design gondolas. I
have seen photos of mill gondolas loaded with just about everything (hay,
coal, baling wire) so if NYC operated the containers, I can't imagine why
they wouldn't load them into any available gondola.

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Marlborough, Massachusetts

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