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Appendix C in Terry Metcalfe's UNION PACIFIC FREIGHT CARS 1936-1951 is a photocopy of the UP's pages (424-438) of the January 1st, 1946 ORER.

Of the 26,526 boxcars listed, 22,423 were "XM's," 1,902 were "XA's," 208 were "XAP's," and 1,903 were "XAR's." In addition, there were 128 "BX's" which were not considered to be freight cars. 19,003 of the 26,526 boxcars had UP marks; 4,704 with OSL's; 2,653 with the OWR&N's; 165 with the LA&SL's; and one with the SJ&GI's. 3,856 of the 26,526 were fifty-footers; 22,668 were forty foot; and there were two boxcars having an inside length of 34' 1".

Tim Gilbert

ed_mines wrote:

Could someone describe UP's box car fleet circa 1946?

I know they had some double sheathed box cars like the ones
Westerfield offers and "standard" 1937 10' IH box cars like Red
Caboose offers.

The ORERs show they have a lot of cars with in IH (inner height) of
about 9 ft. Were these double sheathed or steel cars? What kinds of
ends and roofs did they have?

There's a photo a a UP double sheathed in the 1931 CBC reprint which
shows a herald like the ones on PFE reefers. How long did that last?

What % of box cars were marked for subsidiaries like OSL?

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