C&S 14690

Richard Townsend

The Colorado & Southern had a one-car class of standard gauge box cars, for car number 14690. I'm trying to track down its source. This car was purchased second hand in July 1921. I am assuming that it was written off in a wreck of some kind and repaired. The top-hung sliding doors opened to the left. The roof was a "Queenan Murphy." It had a fishbelly frame. The key dimensions are as follows:
IL 34' 9 1/4"
IW 8' 2"
IH 7' 3"
Cu. Cap. 2059 cu ft
Exterior L 36' 7 1/4" over running board
Truck centers 25'
Length over end sills 36' 4 3/4"
Door opening 7' 2" high, 5' 7" wide
Height to running board 12' 8"
Height to eaves 11' 10 1/8"
Width at eaves 9' 7 1/2"
Width over side sills 8' 9 3/4"

Any suggestions as to the origin of this car?
Richard Townsend
Lincoln City, Oregon

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