Attn: Jim Brewer Re: DT&I HS or other Org?

Rob Adams

I apologize to the Steam Freight Cars group for the bandwidth. I attempted to reply to Jim directly, but for some reason, his ISP is blocking messages from my own. (probably one or more spammers using the domain)

Hello Jim;

I would contact Jim Hediger (of Kalmbach Publishing/Model Railroader). He is a long-time DT&I scholar and would undoubtedly be able to help.

Here's the contact info I have:

Jim Hediger, senior editor
P. O. Box 1612, Waukesha, WI 53187-1612
262-796-8776, ext. 452

Another individual who might be able to help is Brian McQuitty, who is an active HO DT&I modeler. We corresponded quite a bit many years ago when I edited publications for the Ann Arbor RR group. I don't seem to have his e-mail address on my new computer, but I believe he's presenting for John Golden's modeling seminar next month and John could undoubtedy get contact info for you.

Good luck.

Best regards, Rob Adams

James F. Brewer wrote:


As you may recall, Pocahontas Models LLC produced HO scale resin kits of the N&W B-4a boxcar, as well as the B-4 boxcar. The B-4a group was leased to DT&I in the early 1950s. Until now, I had not been able to locate a photo of one of the leased cars to know how it was painted and stenciled.

Through the efforts of Jim Kinkaid, I now have a nice broadside photo of the car, which was repainted into DT&I livery. I'd like to get more information on DT&I stenciling practices, e.g. the diameter of the monogram, etc., but have not been able to locate any historical society; the one web page I have found about modeling DT&I has not been updated since 2004. Any suggestions?

I'd like to develop a set of decals and offer this version.

Many thanks

Jim Brewer

Rob Adams
Wellman, IA
Modeling CB&Q, CRI&P and Wabash operations in Keokuk, IA,
the Wabash Bluffs, IL to Keokuk branch, and the CB&Q's Keokuk & Western branch, circa 1938

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