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Paul Imhoff <pjimhoff@...>

As an O scaler who got his start with the 70's era Atlas offerings I can say that, although extremely skeptical at first, I am impressed with what I've seen.

Paul Imhoff
Baton Rouge

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Folks, I just picked up two of the new 70 ton, AC&F 3 bay hoppers from
Atlas/Trainman in the C&O Progress scheme. They are spectacular!
Details and printing are excellant. They roll like the wind too. A
little bit too light without the included and removeable weight/coal
load, but that can be delt with by other means.

Get em while they last, as they definately won't last long. You can't
go any where near wrong with your choice of roads either, and also
can't beat their price. Great job Atlas!

Len Cannor

The Rutland
Route of the Whippet

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