Re: Coal In Gondolas Etc

Michael Aufderheide

np328 <jcdworkingonthenp@...> wrote: I gave a presentation in Naperville in 05 on this subject. At
the time I tried to make clear that my presentation covered Upper
Midwest operations.

Thanks for your informative e-mail. I'm sorry I missed your presentation. To re-inforce what you mentioned about the regional nature of gons/boxes, the Monon conductors logs I've looked through show many many gons with coal, but not one boxcar with coal. Much different than what we've heard recently about Canadain practice for exampIe. I revised my waybills after this.

I've heard it mentioned, maybe on this list (the source of ALL knowledge) that boxcar loads of coal were more common in the winter when coal would ice together in a gon.


Mike Aufderheide

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