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I for one will keep the five that I have built (an Rr27, 33, 34, 40, and 46).
Only the bodies and a few original ends were utilized. The bodies have 'fine'
or 'petite' rivet lines to them and aftermarket parts and detailing
throughout make it a very good model. However I will be waiting on my Sunshine kits to
arrive also.

Joseph Jacques

Jim & Lisa Hayes <> wrote:

So, what do I do?

There is another use for those C&BT cars. I bought ten at near wholesale
cost when they were the "only game in town" so to speak. So far, I've found good
use for 5. Three were rebuilt/redetialed to Rr-19 & 32's with only the roof,
hatches, carbody and centersill reused. All of these elements were modified
to one degree or another.

The remaining two however, became good candidates for the Duryea underframe
cars Rr-21 & 29. Since I had initially bought several Sunshine Rr-21 & 29's,
those kits had resin casting for three ends in each. Those extra ends were
grafted on to the C&BT carbodies, the roofs "fixed," and new underframes build
using Evergreen styrene & Tichy brake gear. So, the equation is two Sunshine Rr
- 21 or 29 + one C&BT carbody yields three decent reefers. The C&BT carbody
has one advantage in that the underside of the floor is nearly featureless,
and therefore is an easy starting point for grafting on new material.

I have a third Rr-21 early Duryea underframe conversion started, so, that
will leave just 4 left to "fix up" into a proper, presentable condition

One nice feature of these and the other SFRD reefers that Sunshine has
offered is that they visually break up the monotony of a string of fishbelly reefers
that would result from a fleet built entirely out of Intermountian cars only.

Tom Casey

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