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Tim Gilbert <tgilbert@...>


Meat Reefers were generally owned or leased long term by shippers. SFRD's reefers were almost all for the fresh fruit and vegetable trade. Any reefers on the A&D would have most likely been Meat Reefers owned by leasing companies like GATX (including SRLX cars), or packers like Armour, Hormel, Cudahy, etc.. Who were the meat packers who shipped on the A&D? By the mid-1950's when the A&D declared independence from the SOU, a lot of the transport of meat was by truck.

Tim Gilbert

Fred Mullins wrote:

Would Santa Fe wood/steel reefers made it to the east coast? Mainly
tidewater area of VA.? I'm trying to figure out if I can use some red
caboose kits I saw. Would like to know if I could use them on my A&D
railway. I know we had some meat packing plants(pigs) in my area but
can't find any photos to support it?
Fred Mullins
modeling the Atlantic & Danville Railway

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