Re: AT&SF reefers

Brian J Carlson <brian@...>

I went back to the best source information on this subject, Santa Fe,
Railway Rolling Stock Series - Vol. 2, Refrigerator cars. The book does say
that all 100 cars got the Super Chief Scheme when built. However, back in
April when these cars were discussed on the list. Richard Hendrickson, said
the following on Friday 4-21.

"All of the Santa Fe Rr-30 class refrigerator cars were delivered with
50' early straight line maps (i.e., without the word "Ship") and "Super
Chief" slogans. Some were repainted before mid-1947 with other slogans
and those cars had the later 50' straight line maps which included the
word "Ship." Athearn has all the information necessary to produce both
the as-built and the later repainted versions, with - in each case -
correct car numbers, data, and reweigh symbols/dates.

No doubt Athearn will eventually offer these kits with the post-1947
slogans and "Ship & Travel...," as well as the post-1959 giant herald
stenciling, and I'm confident that, when the time comes, they will
research those with equal care."

Apparently some were repainted before 1947 with additional slogans and the
later map. Hopefully Athearn used Richard's information correctly and all
the currently available models are accurate. Your statement from earlier
today, "As Jordan reports, only the Super Chief is correct as delivered." is
also correct.

If I am mis-interpreting Richard's statements, than I apologize.

Brian J Carlson P.E.
Cheektowaga NY

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