Re: The steam era, 1960

Gail & Tom Madden <tgmadden@...>

Keith Jordan wrote (regarding SFRD reefers):
You could argue there was little change in the 1950s with these cars, but a
big change in the 1960s. At any rate, I found it interesting and it does
tend to support 1960 as a watershed freight car decade.

Wouldn't the 40-year rule have had a lot to do with that? Many cars built
throughout the '20s, damfew during the '30s. Replacing much of the remaining
post-W.W.I, pre-W.W.II fleet beginning in 1960 would by itself have made the
'60s a watershed decade. Factor in such things as higher horsepower motive
power and more efficient ROW construction materials and techniques that made
possible increased clearances (ergo larger cars), and you've really got a
big change.

Tom "or is my ignorance showing?" M.

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