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Jim Ogden

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Thanks for the great photos. What type of freight cars would have
been used
to transport bagasse (leftover stalks from the sugar extraction
process) in
the late 1940's - 1950's? Could anyone point me to some example
To those outside of sugar cane country, baggasse probably sounds a
lot like results from a do-it-yourself liposuction on whose
posterior resembles two VW beetles passing on a gravel road.

The T&P extended the sides on some older 40' gondolas (the Tyco-
Mantua car or the current Sunshine offering)for baggage loading in
south Louisiana. These would have been seen on the line south of
Bunkie rather than the old GCL west of New Orleans which would have
used the MoPac's USRA style gons (which were also pretty old at the

Jim Ogden
Fort Worth, TX

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