Re: 32' 3" TC's (was B&M's #71000-72999 series boxcars) #71000-72999

Tim Gilbert <tgilbert@...>


Besides the X29's, another 40' boxcar series having a 32' 3" distance between truck centers were DL&W's #45000 series double sheathed SUF 2,965 cf, 8' 7" IH boxcars according to the drawing & data on pages 116-117 of of the 1931 Carbuilder's Cyclopedia. CNJ's steel 21000-21699 series was another - pages 124-125 of the 1931 Cyc.. I would not be a bit surprised if RDG's 100000-100999 was another series having 32' 3" truck centers, but I have nothing to say yea or nay to prove it.

Tim Gilbert

benjaminfrank_hom wrote:

Tim Gilbert wrote:
"According to their class card diagram, all cars in B&M's #71000-72999
series including 1,975 single sheathed with Pratt Trusses, and
25 steel sheathed had distances between truck centers of 31' 3"
versus the X29's 32' 3". The 31' 3" distance was the same as the
USRA boxcars, and the 1924 AAR standard single and double sheathed
designs. The 1932 and 1937 AAR Designs' distance between truck
centers was 30' 8 1/2"."

Tim, thanks for the corrections; however, I still stand by my
assertion that the 32' 3" distance between truck centers wasn't
exclusively Pennsy.

Ben Hom

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