Re: Sandblasting Resin Kits

Michael Aufderheide


I've had the same issue, especially with Funaro kits. The Floquil paint beads-away from ribs especially. I've found a coat of dull-coat and then a second coat will cure this, otherwise the second coat will not cover for me either. I get the sense that the glass-like surface of the resin causes this.....something blasting would cure no doubt.


Mike Aufderheide

pierreoliver2003 <> wrote: While I agree with Al that no surface prep beyond washing is required
on todays resin kits, I have had a problem with the new formulation of
Floquil paints. Since Floquil is now an enamel type rather than a
laquer based paint, I've been having major coverage issues. The paint
behaves like the surface is unwashed, beads and pools. Oddly this
behaviour goes away with a quick second coat. Anyone have any thoughts?
Pierre Oliver


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