Re: General question about the assingment of boxcars to LCL service

Jeff English

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Did not the #175000 series arrive new in the Pacemaker red & gray
and complete stencils?
Absolutely not. They were delivered in the standard freight car red
scheme with complete stencils. I have plenty of photos in case
anybody doesn't believe this.

I believe that the #174000 series did not have
complete stencils in 1946-1948, but got them later when the NYC
that dedicated LCL cars were not worth while.
That's the point I was making, except with the caveat that we don't
know what the motivation actually was until we crack into the
company records.

englishintroy wrote:

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"jim_mischke" <jmischke@> wrote:

I believe the NYC Pacemaker cars were later given full data
precisely because they wandered off in interchange.
Or because NYC gave up the dedicated LCL service. Nobody knows
real reason until the NYCSHS archives can be penetrated. My most
recent inquiry into this was over a year ago, and it wasn't very

Jeff English

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