WWII troop trains/North Platt canteen


Last Friday night I taped a program on PBS about the canteen for
WWII soldiers in North Platt, Nebraska; the soldiers got off the
train when the locomotive took on coal and water and then reboarded
10 minutes later.

Since these trains went from railroad to railroad, frequently with
off road equipment, I hope Mike will pass this post.

There was quite a bit of train action but no memorable freight cars.

I found two things noteworthy. Jim and Mrs. Seacrist contibuted
money for the program. Anyone else have any dealing with Jim? He
advertised for old HO freight car models for years in MR's
classifieds. Then he went to O gauge.

They showed one train consisting of 2 troop sleepers, 2 conventional
passenger cars and a caboose. I wonder how the caboose fit in?

Seeing this program I was proud to be an American.


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