Re: LN 49502

Michael Aufderheide

Thanks Bill!

The photo I have shows no locks on the side, but it does look like its been recently shopped. The car has fresh paint and patch panels on the lower part of 5 out of 9 panels.


Mike Aufderheide

lnbill <bwelch@...> wrote: The L&N gons, of which there were almost 10,000, had six doors in the
floor, with Enterprize door locks on the side, which means the floor
is not at all like the NC&StL car. The ends of the cars were like the
NC&StL cars. The L&N examples were more like the Southern's some
5,000 gons, except the Southern examples had Dreadnaught ends, while
the L&N had a plate end with riveted horizontal reinforcing ribs.

I believe there is a good likelihood that we will see resin kits for
both the L&N and Southern high-side gons in the near furture.

Bill Welch

--- In STMFC@..., Mike Aufderheide <mononinmonon@...>
> Hello All:
> At the Lake Region RPM a few weeks I got a photo from Bob's of LN
49502, a steel gon with 8 rib, 9 panels, IL 40'-6" and 1765 cu ft
capy. Reweighed 5-56. The reason this car caught my eye is that
along with the 8 ribs it has the USRA-like extension of the four
center ribs below the side sill....charactoristics it shares with the
Monon 3000 series cars, albeit that the MON cars are 18" longer and
have different ends. Finally the question: does anyone know if
these cars were simliar to the NC&StL cars that Sunshine is bringing
out this fall? If so I'll get one, if not, it will make a nice
little kitbash of the Boas/Switzer Monon car that just came out.
> Thanks in advance,
> Mike
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