NYC air-activated container gons with 5 containers


Guys - I have several questions for the New York Central experts out

This pertains only to NYC container gondolas in Lot 755-G, which
carried (5) large-size (8" taller) air activated containers per
car. The reason for the questions is that I have a brass kit (O-
scale) and want to make it into what should be a unique car in that

First question - (40) cars from Lot 377-G (Pressed Steel Car Co. -
1919) were converted to NYC #501640-#501734 {part of Lot 755-G} at
the Avis Shops in 1946. As built, these cars had flat drop ends and
USRA 70-ton Andrews style trucks. They were the USRA steel
gondolas, not clones. After they were converted in 1946, did they
still have the flat drop ends?

Second question - Did they keep the USRA 70-ton Andrews trucks after

Third question - After conversion, did the NYC move the pivoting
brake staff over to the side of the car (in the position the clones
had) or did they leave it in the as-built position near the striker

Fourth question - Does anybody have a decent photo of one of these
40 cars? I recall seeing a side view of one on the web but cannot
find it after due diligence on Google. I do have a builders photo
of one new in 1919, but I am looking for a shot of one after
conversion. Someone here referenced a website that had aerial
photos of the port of New York which showed about 30 of these air
activated container gons waiting to be ferried across the Hudson,
and I cannot find those photos either! Even a crummy photo would
probably answer all of the above questions.

Fifth question - Does anyone have a decent photo of the remainder of
the cars in Lot 755-G which were converted from gons in Lot 557-G?
These cars had Drednaught drop ends as-built (clones).

Observation - NYC was crazy to pick Lot numbers 755-G, 377-G and 557-
G for one group of related cars!! I bet more than one of them was
mis-labeled by the car painters!

Thank you for all your help! A.T. Kott

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