Re: WWII troop trains/North Platt canteen


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Last Friday night I taped a program on PBS about the canteen for
WWII soldiers in North Platt, Nebraska; the soldiers got off the
train when the locomotive took on coal and water and then
10 minutes later.

To the best of my knowledge, troop trains were handled (by the RR's)
as freight trains, and usually as a lower priority train. Freight
trains had cabooses, it's as simple as that.
I have a freind who has talked of riding on troop trains, and once
road in the caboose with the crew. As someone else mentioned, the
military had there people on the troop cars. The Pullman Co.
operated many cars, which then included a Pullman employee who
serviced the car. I believe that a kitchen car was included for
every two troop cars.

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