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I know of only a few photos showing MAIN trains on the Santa Fe where you
can definitely see the rear end, but none of them shows a caboose. As Tony
Thompson said of the SP, these trains were given a high priority on the
Santa Fe, and I believe they were often run as sections of first-class
schedules. They did sometimes have freight power, such as 2-10-2s equipped
with steam connections and air-signal lines, or 100-class FT diesels with a
steam-generator car. (The Santa Fe rebuilt five old tenders from Pacific
types as steam generator cars in 1943, and painted them blue and yellow to
match the freight diesels. The first Santa Fe FT set equipped at delivery
for passenger service, the 167, arrived in 1945, also in the blue-and-yellow
colors.) But this is getting pretty far afield from freight cars.

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