Re: K Brake rebuilding to AB brakes on tank cars after 1954 bans

Matt S.

Would this type of "retro-fit" apply to other types of
cars also??? I have Tichy flat I need to convert to
an AB brake...

Matt Sugerman,
Ft. Worth, TX

Posted by: "Richard Hendrickson"
rhendrickson@... hendrickson444
Mon Aug 21, 2006 3:29 pm (PST)
On Aug 21, 2006, at 1:19 PM, stefanelaine wrote:

As I understand it, K brakes were banned in
interchange on tank cars
as of October 1, 1953 and had a final ban (returning
cars)by January
1, 1954.

Is there evidence that there was a large scale
rebuilding of tank cars
to equip them with AB brakes at this time or were
many of the cars
scrapped then?
The appliction of AB equipment to most cars did not
"rebuilding." Standard practice was to fit the AB
cylinder onto the
mounting where the KC cylinder/reservoir were
originally installed and
then add frame outriggers as needed to support the
separate AB valve
and reservoir. There are many photos of cars so
modified. Notable
exceptions were UTL's "Van Dyke" frameless tank cars,
built early in
the 20th century with heavy tank bottom sheets and no
center sills. As
the surviving "Van Dyke" cars were very old by 1953
and there was no
simple way to attach AB equipment, they were retired
without receiving
AB brakes.

Was there any "grace" period?

By 1954-55 should I expect to be running only AB
equipped tank cars
(since interchanged privately owned cars


Richard Hendrickson

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