Re: NYC Cement Car?

Mr Charles burns

Hello All
I'm currently detailing one of the Atlas cars for my N scale '64
coastline layout. The body is 53'6"long. The deck has a good
representation of the posts that hold the containers. I compared it
to the pictures in vol3 of ESPEE freight cars, and it was obviously
modelled from the 2 cars in the book.
Considering that it is 1970s tooling from the early days of N, it is
a great piece of work. With lowering,LP wheels, and body mounted
couplers, it holds up well compared to the more recent tooling.
Charlie Burns
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Kurt Laughlin wrote:
Does the SP car you refer to look like this?

If so, then this is probably the prototype for the 22 slot AHM
"calcium carbide" car, rather than the SHPX car which has 28
(but was also modeled by AHM)..
The 1961 ORER list these as class LF, 2 cars, 598051 and 598099,
22 demountable calcium carbide containers. CN 63000 seems to be

It's vaguely like the SP car, but the length may be wrong:
SP one was built on a 53 ft, 6 in. flat car. This looks too short.

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