Re: NYC Cement Car?

Ian Cranstone

On 1-Sep-06, at 7:53 PM, Kurt Laughlin wrote:

Does the SP car you refer to look like this?

If so, then this is probably the prototype for the 22 slot AHM "calcium carbide" car, rather than the SHPX car which has 28 slots (but was also modeled by AHM)..

The 1961 ORER list these as class LF, 2 cars, 598051 and 598099, with 22 demountable calcium carbide containers. CN 63000 seems to be bogus.
I think I can definitely say that 63400 (at least that's what the number looks like) is bogus. Although I don't seem to have any listing under that number, it was almost certainly a double-sheathed wood boxcar in bunk service. CN did have a few gondolas in the 193000 and 193100 series in container service, but no flats to my knowledge. There were some container flats in the 634000 series that they may have been thinking of, but these cars were rebuilt from 40' steel frame boxcars to move 20' containers circa 1969 and didn't look much like this model.

Ian Cranstone
Osgoode, Ontario, Canada

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