ATSF Bx-12 Extended roof painting help....

Charlie Duckworth <trduck@...>

Am getting close to finishing the Westerfield Bx-12 kit with the
extended roof. Am modeling a boxcar with a lightweight date of 3-46.
Would like to verify what I 'think'is the right color scheme for this
time period.

Roof - cement black
Wood roofwalk - Mineral Brown
Sides/doors/ends - mineral brown (sides & ends painted mineral brown
to the roofline.
Tackboards - mineral brown
Underframe & trucks - black

Thanks for the help.

btw I 'borrowed' some Legos from a box in the basement to help true up
the ends and sides. By gluing Legos to the end of the sides I ensured
I had a 90 degree angle. I also glued (acc'd) a long Lego against the
top of the interior sides for the roof to side on. Kit went together
quite easily with this interior bracing.

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