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From a quick glance at the Painting and Lettering Guide, it appears
that your comments on paint colors are quite valid. For the 1946 date,
the printed history, in general, confirms your understanding.

That said, I am presently looking at Bx-12 photos in ATSF COLOR GUIDE
Books, 1995, and there appears to be some variation on the color
scheme. There are three Bx-12s pictured; the 211673 photographed in
December, 1962; the 212861 photographed in October, 1967; and the
213481 photographed in October 1960. And this is what I can see...

Re: 211673:
Mineral Brown roof color with what appears to be a wood roof walk (a
bit hard to tell from the edge view, but my "guess"). Trucks... very
dirty, but appear to be mineral brown. Ditto for the underframe (at
least the air tank is MB).

Re: 212861:
Mineral Brown roof color with a galvanized steel roof walk. One can
make out the overspray on this element. Trucks... in the shadows and
the underframe is not visible.

Re: 213481:
Unknown roof color with a steel roof walk. Trucks... very dirty. My
guess is MB. The underframe is in the shadows.

The year that you are modeling will play a major role in determining
just what the roof finish color is. If memory of the paint/lettering
guide is correct, the black cement roof color was changed as supplies
ran out to mineral brown in the early 1950s.

A long response to say that I believe you are correct in your thinking.

I also like the Lego idea and will give it a try once this grandpa buys
a set for his granddaughter.

-- Bill Keene
Irvine, CA

On Sep 4, 2006, at 4:03 PM, Charlie Duckworth wrote:

Am getting close to finishing the Westerfield Bx-12 kit with the
extended roof. Am modeling a boxcar with a lightweight date of 3-46.
Would like to verify what I 'think'is the right color scheme for this
time period.

Roof - cement black
Wood roofwalk - Mineral Brown
Sides/doors/ends - mineral brown (sides & ends painted mineral brown
to the roofline.
Tackboards - mineral brown
Underframe & trucks - black

Thanks for the help.

btw I 'borrowed' some Legos from a box in the basement to help true up
the ends and sides. By gluing Legos to the end of the sides I ensured
I had a 90 degree angle. I also glued (acc'd) a long Lego against the
top of the interior sides for the roof to side on. Kit went together
quite easily with this interior bracing.

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