Re: ATSF Bx-12 Extended roof painting help....

Richard Hendrickson

On Sep 4, 2006, at 4:03 PM, Charlie Duckworth wrote:

Am getting close to finishing the Westerfield Bx-12 kit with the
extended roof. Am modeling a boxcar with a lightweight date of 3-46.
Would like to verify what I 'think'is the right color scheme for this
time period.

Roof - cement black
Wood roofwalk - Mineral Brown
Sides/doors/ends - mineral brown (sides & ends painted mineral brown
to the roofline.
Tackboards - mineral brown
Underframe & trucks - black
Close but no cigar, Charlie. Underframe and trucks would have been mineral brown. Also, In 1946 the placard boards and route card boards would have been black. Note also that it wasn't until some time in 1946 that Santa Fe began renumbering Bx-12s from their original numbers to the 211050-214549 series, so it's likely that a car reweighed in 3-46 would still have had its original 126000-129499 series number.

Richard Hendrickson

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