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Thanks, Richard, that's helpful.


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On Sep 3, 2006, at 6:07 PM, Kurt Laughlin wrote:

> In the May 93 RMC Richard Hendrickson had an article on making a
> Cudahy reefer from the MDC 36 foot wood reefer. He mentioned that
> Cudahy (CRLX) had two series of these cars, 5701-5850 and 5901-6100
> that were similar but not identical. The 1961 ORER also lists a third
> series, 6101-6400 that has the same dimensions - in all respects - as
> these other two. Does anyone know if this third series could also be
> modeled in the manner of the article?

Kurt, the 1950 ORER shows the number series 6101-6300 with dimensions
identical to the other number series. I have two photos of cars in
this series which appear to be identical to the earlier Cudahy cars and
bear built dates of 1-49 and 3-49 (yes, Cudahy was still having 36'
wood reefers built to the pre-World War II design as late as 1949 and
possibly even later than that). The additional 100 cars, bringing the
number series up to 6101-6400, are shown in the 1953 ORER. I have no
documentary or photographic evidence about those extra cars; they may
be an additional group of cars built new after 1950 or they may be
older cars with the same dimensions that were renumbered after
receiving general repairs.

The only significant differences among the three series of cars were
trucks. Cars in the 5701-5850 series had National B-1 trucks. Cars in
the 5901-6100 series had Barber Stabilized S-2 trucks. Some cars in
the 6101-6300 series had ASF A-3 "Ride Control" trucks, while others
had Barber S-2s.

Richard Hendrickson

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