Re: Looking for suitable trucks for PRR G25

Thomas M. Olsen <tmolsen@...>


In line with Bruce's recommendation you can obtain Andrews trucks from
several sources. Red Caboose has an Andrews Truck (#RP-5012) that
should fit the bill, but it does not come with wheel sets, which you
will have to supply. Here is the link to their catalog page:

Bethlehem Car Works also makes a cast metal Andrews with their part
number 1227. This is a redo of the Cape Line metal trucks with new
tooling and wheel sets. It is listed in the Walthers Catalog as
#718-1227 and retails for $9.95.

You can also get Andrews trucks from Kadee. They come in two versions:
380-509 Standard - 1 Pair $$6.95 or their new Self-Centering version
#380-553 at $6.95 per pair. The Self-Centering version may also come
equipped with brake shoes.

Life-Like (now Walthers) in their Proto-2000 Line has two versions of
Andrews Trucks available: #920-23207 with 33" plain back wheel sets or
#920-23399 with 33" ribbed back (representing chilled cast-iron ) wheel
sets at $5.50 per pair.

Accurail also makes Andrews trucks. They are Part #0203 at $4.98 per
pair with 33" wheel sets. Here is the link for Accurail:

The BCW, Kadee and Life-Like Proto trucks are in the Walthers catalog so
that you can see what you are looking

Intermountain's website for parts does not list Andrews trucks at this time,


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Bruce Smith wrote:

On Mon, September 4, 2006 8:21 pm, Justin Walker wrote:

Hi to all

I have been neglecting a completed Westerfield kit for too long on the

Any recommendations on trucks for this great kit?

Justin Walker


As with any PRR car, first check Rob Schoenberg's web pages. His G25 page
is at:

This says that the G25 used class 2E-F3 trucks, which, when you click on
the link for that truck, just happen to be Andrews (which makes sense,
given that the G25 was a USRA car and the USRA truck was the Andrews
<VBG>). Hope that helps!


Bruce Smith
Auburn, AL

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