Re: ATSF Bx-12 Extended roof painting help....

Charlie Duckworth <trduck@...>

I wondered, when I saw the date, if that was the photo you were
working from. That car would have been among the earliest rebuilt Bx-
12s to have been repainted after the war, and one of the earliest to
be renumbered. I'm planning to model the same car to run on my fall
1947 diorama.
Richard Hendrickson
Richard, I'll promise not to interchange this car to you so don't have
duplicate numbers on the layout 8^) I remember working on the Mop 30+
years ago on a computer help desk we'd have to 'stop' cars with
duplicate numbers on the system and have the Car department go out and
check which one was mis-stencilled. There was a computer task that
basically allow a clerk to put the car in his/her inventory with a
verification. We had one car being moved between Atchison, KS and
Addis, LA on a regular basis in the computer so each time the clerks
did a yard check they move the car back into their yard. Finally
resolved by moving to two cars to a rip track and having the
Mechanical department resolve what car should have what

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