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Ed Mines wrote:
Has anyone seen the O&W hopper book?
Does it cover cars from other railroads? Are there a lot of photos?
We rejected the book in the form it then existed, so I know a
lot about it. It has a superb history of the evolution of hopper cars,
which appears to be the product of extensive research. The coverage of
O&W seems quite complete also (and if you're not an O&W fanatic,
perhaps more than you really want to know or even be aware of), though
not with a huge number of photos. I proposed to the author that the
book emphasize the hopper history, and treat the O&W as an illustration
thereof; the manuscript submitted to us was approximately the reverse
emphasis. I will be interested to see what the final product is. We did
not feel it was an inferior work at all, only that it was not organized
in the best way to sell to a larger market, and the author declined to
entertain any such changes. Whatever its final form, for O&W people, I
assume it will be a godsend.

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FWIW, there is a review of this book in the August 2006 issue of RMC
by Don Spiro.

Bob Witt, Indianapolis, Indiana

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