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Hi Richard,

Then you get someone like a friend of mine who wants the book, but
refuses to purchase it because the reprint is a scan of the original.
Just as bad!

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Richard Hendrickson wrote:

On Sep 5, 2006, at 1:26 PM, mhrreast wrote:

In researching the web, magazines, and books in preparation for doing a
plug door car, I noted variety in whether the side was reinforced, and
HOW it was reinforced. I also noticed variety in whether any black was
used on the door, and where on the door / mechanism it was used.
Regarding which train name was used on the plug door cars, the only
name that I found a photo of was The Super Chief.

That's what happens when you have a only small sample to work from.
All of the name train slogans were applied to USRA rebuilds after they
got plug doors in the 1950s. The configuration of the side sill
reinforcements depended on when they were applied. In many cases, side
sill reinforcements were added to cars which still had leaf doors and
the plug doors were added later; different style side sill
reinforcements were used when they were installed at the same time as
the sliding plug doors. All of this is covered in detail in the Santa
Fe Railway Historical and Modeling Society reefer book, Rolling Stock
Reference Series #2, which is currently available from the society's
web site. I'm always a bit puzzled when modelers scramble around
looking for bits and pieces of information on the web, in magazines,
etc. when there's an entire book devoted to the subject which is
readily available (and in this case isn't even very expensive).

Richard Hendrickson

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