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On the narrow gauge truss-rodded cars, a board was often placed through the turnbuckle loops and pinned in place to prevent the turnbuckles from rotating. It was a board narrow enough to go through the loops, but it did span the space between the truss rods. I'd prefer a piece of pywood to ride on!

Virgil Young
Amarillo, TX

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I had a friend, who used to sing on the folk circuit back in the 60's,
who asked me about "ridin' the rods". His understanding was that a
hobo would put a board (?) across the truss rods and ride on the
board! Now, that would have been rough, but I assume this is from the
depression, during desparate times. Was that done to stay out of sight
of the brakemen, or what?
Can anyone correct or corroborate? Any stories? (off-list for the
stories, of course!)
I hope this doesn't degenerate into a "discussion" of hobos and other
off-topic stuff. But, you see, as I model the Great Depression, having
a hobo on or in a car would be totally appropriate. Perhaps not so for
those of you unlucky enough to model a later era. (vbg!)
Inside a boxcar is a better place for a hobo to ride, but I'd like to
try some variation. I know a hobo doesn't count as "freight", but I
think it's an appropriate addition to a freight car of that era.

Dean Payne

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